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1 Simple method to tackle hand washing challenges during and after corona virus pandemic.

In this time of world most difficult challenges, we have been advice by world health organisation and others concern bodies about the importance of effective hand washing in other to prevent us from this deadly corona virus disease.

It is true that washing our hands properly will help to prevent us from contacting the virus, but the challenges facing most Nigerians and others African countries is the ability to easily find water to wash their hands when the need arises. 

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Most offices, shops, supermarket do not have water facilities in their premises to enable easy hand washing to prevent the Covid-19 crises, some offices uses methods that are not very hygiene while others uses methods that are very difficult to maintained and sustained.

I was privilege to be part of an hygiene promotion team sometime ago which i learnt a very simple method that will help us in carry out proper and effective hand washing Technics during and after corona virus pandemic.

I will be sharing with you 1 simple method to tackle hand washing challenges and how to set it up. it is very effective, cost free and easy to carry about.

Wait a minute, before i share this tips with you, i think it will be of importance to explain the terms Hand washing, Proper hand washing and Effective hand washing.


the right way to wash hand
The right way to wash hand.

The term hand washing is simply the process of washing the hands with or without soap.


This is the washing of hands with clean running water, soap, detergent or ash at critical times.


This is a more thorough way of washing the hands with either soap, detergent, or ash in a manner that all hidden areas of the hand is systematically and effectively washed. The image below explain how to wash the hands effectively.

effective way to wash hands
Simple steps to proper hand washing

Now, we understand the term effective hand washing process, it is time to explain 1 simple method to tackle hand washing challenges during and after corona virus pandemic.


container for tippy tap
Tippy Tap

The tippy tap as the name implies is a locally hand made washing facility, it can be constructed without spending a dime.

This facility can help you prevent contacting the virus. It provide you the opportunity of washing your hands at the right time.

It has the ability to carry about or position at a place of your choice, either in your office, shops or supermarket.


water can
Water Container

1. The first step in the construction of a tippy tap is to get a container, maybe a 4 liter gallon or a 1 liter  empty container. You can choose to use any size of container.

2. The next step to take is to use nail to bore a small hole on the cover of the container.

bore hole on cover
Bore Hole on Cover of Container

3.The next step is to tie rope at the top and bottom of the container.

tie rope on container

4. At this stage you will need to pour clean water in the container up to half the size of the container and then hang it at any position higher than the ground level.

tippy tap
Completed Tippy Tap

Now your tippy tap is ready to use, you can pull it down to wash your hands and pull it up again once you are done washing your hands.

It is advisable to place a bucket or open container at the ground level below the tippy tap to collect the dirty water after washing the hands.


1. The effective way to use the tippy tap is to pull it down to get water from it to wet your hands .

2. Apply soap or detergent then wash both hands very well following the process outline in the images for effective hand washing, and pull it up again once you are done washing your hands 

3. Finally, air dry or sun dry is the best approach to dry your hand after effective hand washing .

In Areas where you can not afford hand sanitizer, it is advisable  to construct one or two tippy tap for yourself, place it at the side of your office entrance so that customers can easily use it to wash their hands before  and after any business transaction.

Feel free to drop your ideas and comments, join me to make the world a safe place for all.

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