Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions on house plan market

Plan market is an online house plans or building plans solution market. it is a system that is design to assist all house plan designers to enable them upload their house plan for prospective house plan seekers(clients) to select from different house plan designs in other to buy a house plan of his or her choice. 

The house plan designer  upload his or her house plan on the site with all his relevant details for buyers to view and make choice. 

while the house plan seekers(clients) visit the site and brows through any house plan of their choice. if eventually they find any house plan of their choice, then  they will be require to contact either admin or the house plan designer to discuss the brief  of their selected house plan.

After the brief have been concluded the house plan seeker(clients) will then go back to his choice of house plan and make payment directly online to plan market account . 

Once the payment has been made a notification mail will be send to the house plan designer regarding the payment, he or she will prepare the document with all necessary clients information and according to the clients instruction and submit same  to admin for final processing and delivering to client.

After the delivery process is completed the client acknowledge that he or she has successfully  received the documents and give his or her feedback for successful completion of  their house plan  before money paid by the client will be release to the house plan designer.

Yes you will need to create a FREE agent or user account with plan market before you can carry out any successful transaction.

  • Your information with plan market are safe and well secured with end to end encryption.
Every one that wants to transact business with plan market will need to create either a user or agent account.

There are two ways you can log in to plan market, the first option is to create a free account by clicking on sign in button and register. to know more please CLICK HERE

The second option is to log in with any of your existing social media account like Facebook, twitter or google account.

After successful log in, you will need to update your account information to enable you carry out transactions on plan market. CLICK HERE to update account profile in member dashboard.

Once you have successfully updated your member account profile setting and completed your KYC verification with admin. 
You can now use the CREATE PROPERTY button to  list and upload your plan.
No! Buyers only need to create a user account to enable them contact the house plan designer or make an inquiry or request for a modification plan or drop a comment about the selected house plan.
A complete set of Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical and Structural designs  where applicable. 

See a comprehensive details of what your order will be HERE.


All house plan on plan market are subject to customization, if you see any house plan  that meet your demand but needs to be modify you can request for a modification quote for your favorite house plan.

Our modification plans ranges from minor adjustment of doors and windows or adjusting the sizes of rooms to meet clients instruction.

We can redesign any already made house plan to give  client a custom house plan that will be unique to the client alone. 

All our ready made house plan can be modify to suite your desire taste.

We have design the system in a way that you can easily search for your favorite house plan base on the house plan style and the house plan designers.

You can also search directly by entering the key word then choose from the categories and then click on search.

All house plan relating to the key word you enter will be display, once you find any one suitable for your land and income, you can then save it as favorite so that you can easily find it.

The number of sets of house plan varies from one lactation to another and it equally depend on the regulatory authorities of the area.

For this reason we have increase the number of plan sets to six so as to take care of the above limitations. 

If for any reason you will need more than six copies you can request for additional extra copies.


All house plans at plan market are designed by professional architects, Engineers and house plan designer.

Once your have finished discussing the brief with the architect, your house plan will be design to meet all the requirement and specification demanded by your local authority.

More so, it will be design to meet all architectural and engineering standards. you can visit PAGE to see what your house plan will look like.


All Photos of all the house plans in plan market are available for view only.

All our photos for any house plan design are display in 2D or 3D format, you can request for additional photos if you need additional information about the selected house plan.

Frankly speaking we do not disclose any information of such to third party, it is totally against our privacy policy.

Our interest is to protect all our clients and ensure that all house plan bought are private and unique to them alone. 

You can visit our PRIVACY POLICY page to learn more .

Material list is an optional ads on, you can decide to add it to your house plan during purchase or not.

A material list is a comprehensive document that gives detailed explanation of the cost of material that will be needed to complete the selected house plan of your choice.

Plan market is available for all house plan designer, all our house plan designer pass through proper verification and documentation process.

The trusted house plan designers are those that have upgraded to a premium package and meets all the necessary conditions to be a trusted member of plan market.

There are so many reason why you need to buy house plan from plan market.

The first is that, plan market is built on a system of integrity, reliability and durability.

All money paid to plan market accounts are being kept save until the house plan has being delivered to the client before the money will be release to the architects or house plan designer.

Secondly you have the options of getting the best house plan since there are variety of making choice from thousands of house plans from different house plan designers.

Thirdly you will save reasonable amount of money buying already made house plan compare to the amount you will pay to architect to design it from scratch.

Fourthly you save enough time for yourself, since you can just be at the comfort of your home or office and order for a complete set of house plan with out stress.

Further more, our delivery option is within three to seven days compare to when you are ordering from scratch which may take months and we deliver direct to your preferred delivery destination.

Finally you can always make inquiry concerning any issue regarding your building projects, thousand of engineer and architects are always available 247 to help you out with any issue relating to your building projects

One important reason why you need to join plan market is that we help you do all the difficult work like promoting your house plan on our partner network, ensuring that the delivery process is completed and maintaining the system for better experience.

While you get a pay out to your account of about 70% for any of your house plan that is sold on our plan market or member site.

House plan order Number is the unique personal number belonging to the selected house plan along.  it is use to identify house plan among similar once.

Once you find the house plan of your choice and proceed to make payment, after successful payment the house plan order number will be directly sent to your mail. 
If you are making payment through bank transfer method, please use the "house plan tittle name " as the order number.

You can call or send a message to the house planner or architect  through the contact box  beside the house plan of your choice. 
The phone number of every house plan owner  or architect is directly above the contact box. area.

It is an option that enable you to check the similarity and difference between two or more close related house plan.

It is an option that allows you to keep your preferred house in a location where you can easily have access to whenever the needs arises. 
You will be require to sign in before you can use this options.


The prices of all house plan are set by default in Dollars.

If you wish to see or set the cost of the house plan of your choice in Naira or any other currency, all you need to do is to locate the currency menu at the top right Conner on the menu bar and click through the arrow to change it to your favorite currency type.

Yes it is very important your have trust in all transaction done within the context of house plan market. 

The first reason is because all agents that upload house plans pass through rigorous process before they can be allowed to upload their house plan on plan market. The entire site and equally the payment system are very well protected. Our system of protection is much secured, all the information supplied during registration and placements of an order are being protected by means of 128-bit SSL security  system to encrypt any transmissions when you provide credit card information, personal data, etc. 

Finally plan market stand as an escrow between the clients and the agents, by so doing any money paid to plan market account remain intact until the clients confirm that he or she has received the house plan delivery package.

Please we do not advise you make payment outside the company's account. Any payment made outside the company's account will not be attended to and we will not be responsible for what ever happens there after.