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How the Nigeria House Plan Market Work

Hello Friends, welcome to  house plan market. Please permit me to kindly introduce to you how house plan market works and what the system is all about.

As you can see from the homepage, the house plan market is a system designed to help solve the problem of buying expensive house plans directly from the architects or online.

The main idea behind house plan market is to give credits to the clients by allowing him to search variety of house plans from different architects before making his final decision on the selected house plan.

We are professional Architects, Engineers, and House Plan designers working together as  team  to ensure that house plan seekers can easily download complete set of house plan for free or pay little for service delivery.

Why do you need to buy house plan online?

Over the years many individual believe that it is impossible to buy house online especially when you don’t even know the architect. The truth of the matter is that it has become even more easier now buying house plan directly from an online shop.

One important reason why you need to buy house plan online is because it is cheaper, it  safe you time and  stress of engaging architects from the scratch. You can find more reason on how FAQ page.

Why do you need to choose or partner with us ?

Yes, there are many house plan shops online, but you stand a chance to benefit more buying house plan from us or either by listing your house plan samples with us.

The first reason is that we have introduce a free listings options for any architects who wants to partner with us to list their house plan for free. You can upgrade at any convenient time to a paid package.

The second reason why you need to partner or buy house plan from us is that we give you 20% discount rate for any purchased house plan and we give 80% payout to the bank account of the architects whose house plan is been sold.

The third most important reason why you need to buy house plan from us is that we give free modification services for all house plan that needs to be modify to suite the clients demand.

The home page area

At the home page area, we carefully provide house plan search options in strategic places to help you locate the house plan of your choice. You can directly view house plan or make choice from any of our listed house plan or search either through the menu bar, property types or footer menu.

The menu bar is at the top head corner of the home page while, the property type is located at the left hand side corner and you can use it to filter your search criteria to get specific result.

If you navigate to the footer area of the home page, you still have the option of searching for your favorite house plan using the design styles and house plan picks option.

Make choice from our house plans

If you are visiting us for the first time you can register either as an architects or as our client for you to be able to list your house plan or buy any house plan listed by others architects.

To register simply use the sign in menu at the to right corner in the menu bar region. if you are an architects and have already register please use the create property button up to list your house plan. if you have not yet register click here to register now.

At the home page area you can select house plan, view all the images, add the house plan as your favorite and even contact the owner for specific brief. The beauty about the site is that you can compare two similar house plan to know the best that suite your budget. see image below.

Finally you can select house plan base on your preferred country styles. see it here.

Thanks for your patience, hope this will help you make best use out of house plan market. if you have comment on areas where help will be needed, please share with me and don’t forget to like our Facebook page or subscribe to our you-tube channel for more interesting topics about house plan and building construction.

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