How to purchase house plan using mobile phone.

Welcome to house plan market, a place where all your needs regarding your house project will be met. I understand navigating through the site for  new user like you might be somehow, owing to the fact that this is your first visit to  house plan market.

Because you are very much important to us, i have made a walk through process on how you can navigate through a step by step approach in other to be able to purchase your dream house plan or building plan.

Step I

house plan image1

Depending on how you came in to the site, once you click any of the house plan choice, it will take you to the house plan single page where you will be able to see more image views and details about the specific house plan.

house plan image2 

Be sure to read through the house plan overview for clarity purpose, if you need additional clarification please contact us through the what’s app link.

Step II

If no further clarification, quickly proceed by clicking inside the box on your right hand side to select  the house plan set you want to purchase before you click add to cart. ( laptop and desktop users )

house plan image3

On the other hand if your are using a mobile device, please click on the red menu icon at the center of the left side bar, this will direct you to the box where you can select the house plan set you want to purchase before you click on add to cart.

building plan image4

After you have add to cart your prefer  house plan set, you will be redirected to the cart page where you will need to confirm again  what you want to purchase is exactly what you have on the cart page. If there is discrepancy at the cart page you can adjust it and update your cart page before proceeding to the checkout page.

building plan images 5


Step III

Now you are in the checkout page, make sure you fill in correctly your personal information and billing details at the checkout page to enable you proceed to payment gateway where you need to make payment.

building plan image6

If you are a returning customer/client and you are not login, you will be required to login from here and use coupon code if any.

building plan image7

if you are not a registered member, at this stage you will be required to input your username and password below the checkout page to enable the system create account for you.

building plan image8

Step IV

Once you have fill in correctly all required billing details, it is time to choose your preferred payment method. If you prefer the bank transfer method, tick the option, make payment to the company’s account details and then click on place order. Send your order number or plan ID number through what’s app link to get your download link activated for you.

building plan image9

On the other hand if you prefer the debit/credit cards payment method, please tick on it and click on place order to proceed to payment gateway, you will need to provide your card information to make payment here.

building plan image10

Once your payment is successful send us your payment information to enable us activate your house plan purchase link within the required time frame. Good luck and I hope this help.