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How to Register and list your Preferred House Plan on Plan Market

Welcome to Building Plan Nigeria, this is a system design to help promote house plans from different home builders to house plan seekers all over the world.

We have taken steps to ensure that the system is well secured for both house plan seekers and architects.

As a house plan designer once you visit the site, you will need understand how to register and upload your preferred house plan on Building Plan Nigeria market.

Steps On How To Register And Upload Your Beautiful House Plan On Plan Market

Registration with Building Plan Nigeria is very simple all you need is to move your cursor to the top right hand side of the menu bar.

Click on login  or register button after that a pop up  will display, choose register if you are a new subscriber, if not fill the form to login.

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After registering as a new user/agent an activation mail will be sent to you to activate your user or agent account. If you did not receive this message, please contact us for assistance.

Once you are able to log in successfully, an agent/user account will be created for you automatically and you will have the full assess to create and upload all your beautiful Nigeria house plan designs for a free or paid packages.

Things To Update Before Creating Or Listing Of Your House Plans

Once you have login successful to your account, move your cursor to top right corner and click on the arrow beside your username, a drop down menu will display, click on dashboard

see illustration plan Nigeria

In your dashboard area move your cursor to account sitting to complete and update your profile.

Fill in all the field in the box and upload your profile picture.

Please note your profile picture should be your company logo or your personal photo. it is important to fill and upload your right information so that you will not be disqualify during KYC.

Now you are good to go, you can now create or upload your first house plan on Nigeria house plan by subscribing to any package of your choice and summit your house plans for clients to buy.

Thank you for following me through this process,  For any additional inquire please drop your comment on the comment box or contact us .

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