Spacious 4 bedroom with office room house plan



Spacious 4 bedroom with office room house plan

Hello there, welcome to the house plan market, are you looking for a very big house plan? Look no further, this spacious 4 bedroom with office room might be exactly what you need, it can also be modified to suit your needs. I am going to walk you through the entire floor plan arrange so to enable you to make a purchase decision,

This house design concept is suitable for a land size bigger than a plot of land it is best for a village plan setting where you have sufficient land space to work with. The length and width of this house plan can be found on the details page, just scroll down below to see the dimension to decide if is within your land space size.

As you approach the entrance foyer, you will have access directly to the main living room door, the main lounge is very big it can contain two sitting room arrangements, and it has its dining hall to the left of this spacious 4-bedroom house design concept. you can also access the visitor toilet from the main using a lobby to connect the guest toilet.

The main lounge has only one connecting door that will lead you to the central lobby that connects the kitchen and 3 other rooms, the kitchen is completely disconnected from the dining, but it has a very big space that can contain a kitchen island arrangement sitting, it also has a store and a laundry where you can carry out your laundry activities. from the kitchen, you can access the exit door to the back foyer which is also very spacious and bigger than the front foyer.

The central lobby connects you to 3 other rooms and an additional smaller lobby connects you to the master bedroom, the gym room, the studio hall, and the office hall. All the rooms in this spacious 4 bedroom design apartment are very big and they all have reasonable sizes of toilet arrangement with an in-built wardrobe arrangement.

The master bedroom is bigger than every other room and the bathroom size can even contain a jacuzzi bathtub to provide comfort for the master. the master bedroom also has a large sit-out where you can relax during the day to receive fresh air. you can only access the gym hall only through the master bedroom,

The office and the studio hall are big enough, you have a sit-out directly connected to the office hall, and it can be used to have the office hall from the outside of this house design concept. if you need a multi-purpose 4-bedroom house design that meets this specification or is closely related to this overview, you can go ahead to purchase this house plan, if you need to modify this house plan, feel free to chat with any of our house plan experts for assistance. let me know in the comment section what you think about this house design concept.

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