A Comprehensive Review of Ted’s Woodworking Plans

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teds wood working plans

 A Comprehensive Review of Ted’s Woodworking Plans


When it comes to woodworking plans, Ted’s Woodworking Plans is a name that often pops up in discussions among DIY enthusiasts and woodworking aficionados.

This extensive collection of plans and guides promises to be the ultimate resource for anyone looking to embark on woodworking projects, from beginners to experienced craftsmen.

In this review, I’ll delve into the pros and cons of Ted’s Woodworking Plans to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your woodworking needs.


  1. Vast Collection of Plans: One of the most impressive aspects of Ted’s Woodworking Plans is its sheer volume of plans. With over 16,000 plans covering a wide range of projects, from small home accessories to intricate furniture pieces, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re interested in building a simple bookshelf or tackling a more complex project like a gazebo, you’re likely to find a plan that suits your needs.

  2. teds wood working plansDetailed Instructions: The plans come with step-by-step instructions, making them accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels. These instructions include clear diagrams and measurements, which are invaluable for ensuring a successful project outcome.
  3. Variety of Woodworking Techniques: Ted’s plans encompass a wide array of woodworking techniques, from basic cuts and joints to more advanced skills. This diversity is beneficial for woodworkers looking to expand their skillset or challenge themselves with new projects.
  4. Digital Access: Upon purchase, you gain instant access to the plans in digital format. This means you can start planning and building your projects without having to wait for shipping. It’s a convenient feature for those eager to get started.


  1. Overwhelming Amount of Plans: While the vast selection is a plus, it can also be overwhelming for beginners. Sorting through the extensive catalog to find the right project might take some time and effort.

  2. Quality Discrepancies: Some users have reported variations in the quality of plans. While many are highly detailed and well-organized, others may lack precision or have errors. This inconsistency can be frustrating for users seeking foolproof instructions.
  3. Additional Costs: Ted’s Woodworking Plans is marketed as a one-time purchase, but some users have reported unexpected upsells and additional costs for add-ons or access to certain plans. It’s essential to carefully read the fine print during the purchase process.
  4. Lack of Personalized Support: If you encounter difficulties or have questions about a specific plan, customer support might not be as responsive as you hope. This could be a drawback for beginners who require more guidance.

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In conclusion,

Ted’s Woodworking Plans offers a vast and diverse collection of woodworking plans that can be a valuable resource for woodworkers of all levels. While it has its drawbacks, such as potential quality discrepancies and a somewhat overwhelming selection, it remains a popular choice due to its affordability and the convenience of digital access.

However, it’s essential to approach this resource with realistic expectations and to exercise caution during the purchase process to avoid unexpected costs. Ultimately, the usefulness of Ted’s Woodworking Plans will depend on your woodworking experience and your specific project needs. Have a nice wood working project.

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