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As a seller or architect that wants to partner with house plan market in order to sell his or her house plan products on our platform.

The first thing you need to do is to read our privacy  and  copyright policy.

Once you are satisfied with our policy hit the registration button at the right hand top corner to register. Still not clear about the registration process click here to what’s app me now.

After you have successfully  complete the registration process the system automatically create a user friendly dashboard environment where you will use to manage all your house plan products.

Be sure to provide us with correct information like phone number, email account, company logo and correct working hours.

Remember prospective client will need all this information above to contact you. For assistance click the what’s button above to reach us.

Good , you have completed the process of registration, now click on the upload house plan now below the register button to create your first house plan product. Start with the free option later you can upgrade to other packages. To know more about free and paid listing check here.

Fill the required fields, describe your product and upload the images for the products, let us know after you successful upload your images so that we can review and help you promote it .

Please do not include ground floor plan  at this stage but make sure you have all the completed work ready.

Once your house plan images attract a prospective buyer you will be required to provide the complete document for the house plan.

The amount or the agreed cost for your house plan will be transferred to your bank account after confirmation and delivery of the house plan to the client. See cost ratio of expected amount to the bank.

After receiving and confirmation of your house plan money, remember to write a review of our services at the bottom level of the selected house plan. This is a way of  telling us  thank you for our initiatives or showing us areas we need to improve on.