Modern 2 bedroom twin apartment house plan

Beds: 2
Baths: 3


Modern 2-bedroom twin apartment house plan

This Modern 2-bedroom twin apartment house plan is designed for commercial purposes, if you want a build a contemporary house plan for a 2-bedroom flat apartment, you can consider reading through the overview to have an idea about the floor plan.

This modern house plan has 4 number of 2 bedroom flats on it, the ground floor has 2 numbers of 2 bedroom while the upper floor has 2 numbers of 2 bedroom flats.

As you approach the entrance sit-out, you can either enter into any of the apartments on the ground floor or use the stairway at the center of both apartments to access the upper-bedroom flats. The staircase is designed to function in two ways, meaning you can access the stairway either from the back balcony or from the front balcony.

Once you have access to any of the 2-bedroom apartments, the first thing you notice is the front sit-out, it is wide enough for a commercial apartment. the sitting room is also of good size and it is connected to an open dining room. you can easily access the kitchen from the dining room.

The visitor toilet is just beside the sit-out but you can only access it from the sitting room by entering the visitor’s toilet lobby before you have access to the toilet door. while you are in the main lounge you can access another door that connects you to a central lobby that connects the two rooms and also the kitchen.

The kitchen is big enough for a 2 bedroom apartment, but it does not have a store which is separate from the kitchen, it has a back verandah which is big and can be used for other utility services.

The two rooms are standard size rooms of about 12 by 12 feet and they both have toilet and wardrobe systems of arrangement, the toilets are big enough to contain all basic bathroom and toilet systems not including a Jacuzzi bath.

This modern house plan for a 2 bedroom apartment is designed to fit into a plot of land measuring about 100 by 50 feet, if you would like to build a commercial property for a 2 bedroom flat you can consider purchasing the complete pdf house plan set or chat with any of our house plan professional if you need a modification plan or need to know more about this contemporary twin 2 bedroom house plan apartment.


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  • Plan ID:
  • Floor plan area(sqft):
    2404.66 sqft
  • Floor plan dimensions(ft):
    35.10 x 71.85 ft
  • Rooms:
  • Beds:
  • Baths:
  • Plan Status:

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  • 1 storey building
  • 2 bedroom bungalow
  • 2 storey building


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